About us

After spending 15 years with a major retailer, handling customer complaints and staffing concerns, I went back to school to study my passion...computers.  During my 15 year time with this retailer, I've learned the patience it takes to not only deal with people, but also the ability to teach others.

During this schooling, I've learned the trade of repairing your computer, diagnosing network concerns, and setting up computer and networking equipment, and ensuring you are connected with the information you need on your network.


I have obtained the following certifications to help repair your computer equipment and software concerns:






Cisco Networking Academy
IT Essentials Course Completion

TestOut Certifications
Network Pro
Security Pro
PC Pro 

Client Pro 

Microsoft Technology Associate

98-349 Windows Operating Systems
98-366 Networking Fundamentals
98-367 Security Fundamentals
98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

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